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The Family That Preys

The Family That Preys

Two families from different walks of life learn to work together.

A Movie With Dramatic Turn

Tyler Perry’s latest film The Family that Preys, is a dramatic turn on a more serious side compared to a lot of Perry’s previous works (there aren’t quite as many gags, one lined zingers, or Madea’s usual guest appearances sprinkled throughout the film).

Although there are comedic moments, most of the tone is very serious which adds a certain level of depth to the drama, mystery and issues going on with the characters. Alice and Charlotte Cartwright are longtime friends who are also mothers of two different families. Alice has two daughters Andrea who is a college graduate with a degree in business & Pam (played by Taraji P. Henson) who works with her Mom in the diner that the family owns. Charlotte has a son William Cartwright who is married to Jillian Cartwright.

The plot and drama thicken when Andrea who is married to Chris and William start a steamy love affair that everyone except for poor Chris seem to know about. And to complicate things Andrea is an employee in the company that William is one of the executives at, and his mom is the owner of. So everything from the plush company car, to the comfortable salary and nice house, Chris has his wife’s secret lover and boss to thank for it.

Meanwhile the mothers of these two families go off on a little cross country road trip together to sow some wild oats and see the world, not knowing that it would be the best time of their life and also the most important. A secret is revealed at the end of their trip that will wind up changing things for both families forever! The one thing you have to love if you watch The Family That Preys online free is the way every character and their actions all tie together to bring forth a chain of events that lead to an exciting, suspenseful and captivating conclusion. The usual elements of family values, intrigue, comedy, tragedy, inspiration & hope are all here as with all of Perry’s films, so fans will not be disappointed.

Tyler Perry

The only thing a few fans may be disappointed by is the noticeable absence of Madea, but you can watch a trailer of a new movie starring everyone’s favorite pistol packing Mama entitled Madea Goes To Jail. Everyone gives a wonderful performance throughout the full movie, in particular Robin Givens who plays Abby, a successful business woman hired to be the CEO of the company Charlotte owns, much to the dismay of William who wanted that position for himself. Hence, more tense filled drama lol.

In true Tyler Perry fashion The Family that Preys is an honest, frightening, bold & realistic look at how different families view, treat and deal with one another and the people around them. Sometimes we don’t always like what we see from our family and how they choose to live their lives, but they are still our family (for better or worse) and we still learn to deal with, live with and love them no matter what. I think it’s that level of sincerity within us and our families that Tyler Perry has been able to tap into, that makes his films so memorable and characters so loveable! On a scale of 1 out of 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest I give The Family That Preys 4 stars stars – go watch it without thinking too much, I’m sure you’ll like it.

Duration: 111 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.4