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      DMC series single pulse dust collector

      The DMC pulse spray single-machine bag filter is a small bag filter designed by our company after digesting and absorbing the advanced technology of similar foreign products.

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      Detailed information

      I. Overview

      The DMC pulse spray single-machine bag filter is a small bag filter designed by our company after digesting and absorbing the advanced technology of similar foreign products. The dust collector adopts high-pressure (0.5~0.7MPa) large-flow pulse valve to inject ash cleaning technology from filter bag one by one. Compared with other domestic single machines, it has the characteristics of large ash removal function and high ash removal efficiency. And small size, light weight, simple and compact structure, easy installation, convenient maintenance (external filter type), widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, coal, non-metallic mines, ultrafine powder processing and other industries for dusty gas purification The treatment system is an ideal equipment for environmental protection and dust removal.

      2. Structure and working principle

      1. The structure of the single-machine bag dust collector

      The equipment mainly consists of the following parts:

      (1) Box body: including bag chamber, clean air chamber, perforated plate, filter bag, filter bag frame, inspection door, and box body designed with a pressure resistance of 5000Pa.

      (2) Air outlet system: including fans and motors equipped with fans.

      (3) Injection system: including main air pipe, injection pipe, pulse valve and control instrument.

      (4) The ash discharge part of the air intake has two forms: one is the standard ash bucket type, and the other is the open flange type.

      2. Working principle

      The dust-containing gas enters the ash hopper through the air inlet, or enters the filter bag chamber through the open flanged port. The dust-containing gas is filtered through the filter bag and enters the clean gas chamber, and then passes through the exhaust port of the clean gas chamber and is exhausted by the fan. go. Dust accumulates on the outer surface of the filter bag and increases continuously, which makes the resistance of the bag filter continue to rise. In order to make the equipment resistance not exceed 1200Pa, the bag filter can continue to work, and the dust on the filter bag needs to be removed regularly. The dust removal is controlled by the program to start the pulse valve in a timing sequence, so that the compressed air in the air bag (0.5~0.7MPa) is ejected from the nozzle hole (called secondary air) through the venturi tube to induce several times the surrounding air of the primary air (called The secondary air) enters the filter bag to make the filter bag expand rapidly in an instant, and shake off the dust along with the vibration of the airflow to achieve the purpose of dust removal.


      1. Model description

      The single machine has six specifications: 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, each of which is divided into two installation forms to meet the requirements of different occasions. The specific model descriptions are as follows:

      D Single machine MC pulse injection — 32 (A, B)

      Installation form (A is with ash bucket type, B is box flange installation) Number of filter bags per chamber

      2. Selection parameters and principles

      (1) The main technical parameters for the selection of the dust collector are air volume, gas temperature, dust concentration and humidity. According to the numerical values of air volume, gas temperature, and dust concentration designed by the process, the corresponding dust collector model is the required dust collector model based on the principle that it is slightly less than the value in the technical performance table.

      (2) The air consumption in the table refers to the situation of the factory when the air is supplied centrally. For example, when the air compressor is used alone, the air consumption in the table should be enlarged to 1.5 times.

      (3) In the column of compressed air consumption, the air consumption proposed is the air consumption of this type of equipment.

      3. The appearance and foundation of the equipment are shown in the attached drawings. Our company can also design dust collectors that meet the user's requirements according to the user's site conditions.

      4. Attachment: technical performance table

      DMC performance table


      DMC ——32DMC ——48DMC ——64DMC ——80DMC ——96DMC ——112
      Total filtration area(m2)243648607284
      Filter wind speed(m/min)1.04 ~ 1.671.15~1.621.21~1.741.25~1.671.27~1.621.28~1.68
      Handling air volume(m3/h)1500~24002500~35003500~50004500~60005500~70006500~8500
      Number of filter bags(strip)3248648096112
      Air consumption(m3/min)0.0320.0480.0640.080.0960.11
      Inlet concentration(g/m3n)<200
      Outlet concentration(mg/Nm3 )<50
      Blowing pressure(MPa)0.5~0.7
      Under pressure(Pa)5000
      Equipment resistance(Pa)≤1200
      Pulse valveSpecification1”
      Motor model powerY90S—2Y90L—2Y100L—2Y132S1—2Y132S1—2Y132S2—2
      ( kw)
      Equipment weightDMC(A)135016201850236028003200

      Note: The weight listed in the table does not include the weight of the wind turbine. When the load is applied to the civil works, the dynamic load factor is 1.2.

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