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      What are the product characteristics of pneumatic unloading valves?

      Author:Click:180 Release time:2017-03-23

      Pneumatic discharge valve use:

      Mainly used in the pre-furnace limestone powder feeding system of circulating fluidized bed boilers in thermal power plants. The limestone powder coming down from the limestone silo is evenly fed. At the same time, it also has metering and frequency conversion functions to adjust the feeding amount of limestone. The product adopts air seal to seal the shaft seal, which makes the sealing performance good, the operation and maintenance are convenient, and the operation is reliable.

      Working principle and characteristics of pneumatic unloading valve:

      The product is driven by a motor through a reducer to rotate a rotor with blades in the shell. The material falls from the upper ash hopper to between the blades, and the material is discharged as the blades turn to the lower end to achieve uniform and stable feeding of the materials.

      The feature of this product is the use of air-sealed form at the shaft. During operation, the pressure in the sealed cavity is always greater than the pressure in the material cavity to ensure tight sealing at the shaft; the reducer adopts a helical gear hardened gear reducer, which has a more compact structure. , Reasonable, small in size, and has higher transmission efficiency and bearing capacity, and can be installed horizontally, making the entire product structure more compact and small in size. The blade adopts an adjustable structure, so that the gap between the blade and the shell can be adjusted (the gap is not greater than 0.15mm). At the same time, the low speed of the blade and the good wear resistance of the blade extend the service life of the valve.

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