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      The main equipment of the cement plant, as well as its use and function

      Author:Click:210 Release time:2016-12-15

      1. Speaking of raw materials, limestone is transported from the mine into the factory via a belt conveyor.

      2. After being crushed by a limestone crusher, it is transported to the limestone storage by a belt conveyor.

      3. There is a bag filter in the middle dust point.

      4. The batching station, limestone, sandstone, iron powder, fly ash (the process design is different, the raw materials may be slightly different) are sent to the raw material mill (now generally a vertical roller mill) through a belt scale and a belt conveyor.

      5. After being ground, it is conveyed to the raw material storehouse through the air chute and bucket elevator.

      6. The raw meal is sent to the preheater by the bucket elevator, and is preheated and decomposed into the kiln for calcination. The clinker is cooled by the grate cooler, crushed by the clinker crusher, and sent to the clinker warehouse by the chain conveyor.

      7. Clinker, mixed materials, and gypsum are pulverized by a conveyor to a cement mill (ball mill), and the finished products are put into the cement warehouse, and then leave the factory through a packaging machine or in bulk.

      8. There are also humidification towers (cooling and dust removal, improving dust specific resistance), electric dust collection (dust removal) and other equipment.

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