Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort is relying heavily on media tie-ins this year, including Silent Hill (of which I have a lights-on tour video), The Walking Dead, Vegas magicians Penn & Teller, and rocker Alice Cooper.

I don’t have strong feelings one way or another on media-based houses vs. originals. Some of my favorites have had a tie-in, like Saw and Freddy, while originals like Catacombs, Leave it to Cleaver, and Havoc also rank among my top picks in years past.

This year, I’m shocked to say that over the past month, Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare has risen the ranks to become my favorite Halloween Horror Nights of 2012. I’m not an Alice Cooper fan, so I never expected to give him a high ranking. However, it wins on general good haunted house criteria, and the Alice tie-in doesn’t really matter one way or another to me. Instead of worrying about how it ties to the album, just go in and enjoy.

Virtual Reality haunted experience

At the beginning of the season, The Walking Dead and House of Horrors vied for my top slot. The former slipped rapidly because it seems to be much tamed down from its vicious aggressiveness in the 2012 season’s early days. The latter is still a favorite, but it’s something of a one trick pony. It relies on darkness and strobes for its effect, and this is true throughout the whole place. That makes for great scares, but it’s lost a bit of its appeal for me as the weeks have gone by because I like more scenes and types of scares.

Meanwhile, Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare at Halloween Horror Nights has retained its aggressiveness, and it incorporates a number of different scare elements. It has jump scares, strobes, scareactors in the ceiling, and a suitably freaky finale where you might get ganged up on. I prefer a scareactor-heavy ending rather than a finale that has one or two major timing-dependent elements that can easily be missed if you walk through at the wrong time.

scary woman with clownface or dollface

The Alice Cooper house is very old-school in terms of effects, and it has a lot of scenes laid out in various rooms. The strobe area is suitably disorienting, and there are several spots as you walk through where stealthy scareactors can hide and target you.

Gothic has also risen in my rankings, mainly due to its visual beauty. It’s a lovely attention for detail, with some truly sweeping expanses that make good use of the soundstage, and it has decent aggressive scares, too. You can see some of it in my lights-on tour.

However, when Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort is shuttered for the season, I think Welcome to My Nightmare is going to be the venue I miss the most.

Chucky in the asylum
It is fascinating as to how the Child’s Play movies has evolved since Don Mancini first introduced it in 1988. Unlike many other horror films, the story of the evil doll has never been rebooted. The series continue to amaze people today with its development and stories that show how creative and distinct this horror truly is.

Mancini has returned with the seventh film in the franchise and today you can watch Cult of Chucky for free – the full movie is out online just in time for the Halloween season. This marks a big move as the killed doll is looking to settle a few big scores and brings back well known actors. It makes for a thrilling move to catch as it surprises even its biggest fans.

The Plot

The story focuses on Nica Pierce, one of the key characters from all other installments. She is brought to an asylum as it is believed she is the one who murdered the rest of her family. But as a number of people start to be killed off in brutal fashion, it becomes clear that Chucky may be trying to frame her.

Soon it turns out that he is trying to possess things to get into a cult dedicated to killing off some of the people who have tried to destroy him in the past. He has a strong score to settle and is pairing up with his old wife Tiffany to kill those who are still alive.
Tiffany and Chucky

Chucky is also looking for young Andy Barclay, the adult who as a child was given the old doll. After all, he always said that they would be friends to the end…

Check It Out Online

This film is exciting horror you should check out as it entails an interesting development in the legendary Child’s Play series. The best part is that you can watch Cult of Chucky online free in full high definition as it was intended to be seen at InFocus Mag. It is easy to get online to enjoy watching this movie on your own home computer. Just don’t be afraid if you see anything in the dolls in your home.

Who Is In It?

Brad Dourif returns once again as the voice of the evil doll. Alex Vincent, Fiona Dourif, and Jennifer Tilly are among the stars who have appeared in previous installments to return. There are many twists and turns and plenty of scares. It all comes as Chucky is aiming to find power in a way that not even the biggest Child’s Play fan could have ever expected. Don’t forget to check out the post-credits scene for another big surprise.

Tyler Perry’s latest film The Family that Preys, is a dramatic turn on a more serious side compared to a lot of Perry’s previous works (there aren’t quite as many gags, one lined zingers, or Madea’s usual guest appearances sprinkled throughout the film).

Although there are comedic moments, most of the tone is very serious which adds a certain level of depth to the drama, mystery and issues going on with the characters. Alice and Charlotte Cartwright are longtime friends who are also mothers of two different families. Alice has two daughters Andrea who is a college graduate with a degree in business & Pam (played by Taraji P. Henson) who works with her Mom in the diner that the family owns. Charlotte has a son William Cartwright who is married to Jillian Cartwright.

The plot and drama thicken when Andrea who is married to Chris and William start a steamy love affair that everyone except for poor Chris seem to know about. And to complicate things Andrea is an employee in the company that William is one of the executives at, and his mom is the owner of. So everything from the plush company car, to the comfortable salary and nice house, Chris has his wife’s secret lover and boss to thank for it.

Meanwhile the mothers of these two families go off on a little cross country road trip together to sow some wild oats and see the world, not knowing that it would be the best time of their life and also the most important. A secret is revealed at the end of their trip that will wind up changing things for both families forever! The one thing you have to love if you watch The Family That Preys online free is the way every character and their actions all tie together to bring forth a chain of events that lead to an exciting, suspenseful and captivating conclusion. The usual elements of family values, intrigue, comedy, tragedy, inspiration & hope are all here as with all of Perry’s films, so fans will not be disappointed.

Tyler Perry

The only thing a few fans may be disappointed by is the noticeable absence of Madea, but you can watch a trailer of a new movie starring everyone’s favorite pistol packing Mama entitled Madea Goes To Jail. Everyone gives a wonderful performance throughout the full movie, in particular Robin Givens who plays Abby, a successful business woman hired to be the CEO of the company Charlotte owns, much to the dismay of William who wanted that position for himself. Hence, more tense filled drama lol.

In true Tyler Perry fashion The Family that Preys is an honest, frightening, bold & realistic look at how different families view, treat and deal with one another and the people around them. Sometimes we don’t always like what we see from our family and how they choose to live their lives, but they are still our family (for better or worse) and we still learn to deal with, live with and love them no matter what. I think it’s that level of sincerity within us and our families that Tyler Perry has been able to tap into, that makes his films so memorable and characters so loveable! On a scale of 1 out of 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest I give The Family That Preys 4 stars stars – go watch it without thinking too much, I’m sure you’ll like it.

Every story has a beginning. Whether it is a warm hearted story or a seriously disturbing psycho serial killer story.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
I had the great displeasure of watching the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, in the theater this weekend. This movie is a prequel to the remake of the original that was released in 2003. I am a sucker for horror movies. I have been since I was a kid. My mom would never let me watch them online, but my uncle would rent them for us when we went to visit over summer break. Oh, if she only knew!! The prequel to Texas Chainsaw Massacre was more gory and suspenseful than any that I have seen. I found myself jumping all the time. I much expected the jumps, but jumped anyways.

I think the count was 11 before it was said and done. I found the film to be very suspenseful and tense. The characters were intriguing and I felt a sense of attachment to them from the beginning. The story was delivered with ease and you felt the great love between the four teenagers that were abducted in the vastness of Texas.

chainsawI felt the same dread they did as they were captured and taken to the Hewitt family home. I sat during the full movie questioning my own thoughts and role playing what I might do in the same situation. The outcome was expected, but the writers delivered it in such a way to where I almost questioned if it would be a happy ending after all.

If you are a true horror fan I suggest you watch this movie. I warn you there will be many times you will jump and there will be a lot of gore and blood. But what horror doesn’t have these elements. What surprised me the most was the fact that the entire film drags you along for a ride you wish you hadn’t gotten on. The characters do things you know you would never do if faced with the same situation.

I myself would have acted differently from the very beginning to ensure my own survival. But, when it comes to your friends it would be hard to save yourself knowing they had no chance of survival. The movie does give some insight to how Thomas Hewitt became the notorious Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but it definitely does not give you empathy. I found this installment to be more disturbing than the original. It was not intended for the faint of heart or those with weak stomachs.

As recently as a month ago, Marc Webb’s status on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was up in the air; he’s since signed on, and, with the first film headed to DVD and Blu-ray next week nad possibly online free, he’s been on the press circuit discussing both the original film and the upcoming follow-up.
Mark Webb

One of the most prominent news items that emerged this week attached Jamie Foxx to the role of Electro, the villain who will appear in the sequel. In an interview, Webb has confirmed that Electro will indeed be the bad guy in the next full movie because he’s “an incredibly visual, exciting, dangerous villain.”

Webb hasn’t confirmed Foxx’s participation, but he did reveal an appreciation for the actor’s previous work, dating all the way back to his run on In Living Color. Officially, Foxx is in negotiations for the role, but a tweet from November the 1st that claims he “dressed up as Electro for Halloween” seemingly indicates that he’s probably going to nab the role and we can watch his in the upcoming movie.

Other topics of discussion for Webb have included the overarching storyline concerning Peter Parker’s parents. While the marketing for the first film promised to reveal this untold story, it actually skirted around this issue for the most part.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie

However, true believers should take heart in Webb’s insistence that the subplot is a “long shadow that’s cast over the three films,” and that “there’s a slow burn” element to it. Claiming that he needs “to have some juice for the second movie,” he goes on to say that the serial nature of the storytelling “is one of the more exciting things” about coming aboard a Spider-Man project for the long haul.

Other predictable topics were both broached and rebuffed; while Webb was eager to reveal that the Spider-man suit will see some subtle changes this time around, he was more hesitant to reveal any particulars about the role Mary Jane Watson will play in the film.

According to Webb, the script is done save for a few tweaks, which should put the film on track to go into production soon in order to hit its May 2014 release date.

i want you - Evil Dead 2
Evil Dead II is the second installment in Sam Raimi’s infamous cult series of horror and comedy films, arguably the best in his full lineup: Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, and Army of Darkness. Essentially a re-imagining of the first film rather than a sequel, Evil Dead II cuts back on the straightforward horror completely permeating the original (but certainly doesn’t skimp on the gore) to deliver heavy doses of slapstick comedy.

Once again, we watch our hero Ash, no-nonsense, tough as nails, played by the cult B-movie icon Bruce Campbell, in his fight for survival against the evil forces unleashed by the Necronomicon, the book of the dead. Sparing the spoilers, Ash deals with manifested monstrosities, possession, and all manner of supernatural destruction in a lonely, mysterious woodland cabin.

scared woman
The plot is grim and morbid seen alone, but the film’s comedic deliverance creates a darkly hilarious feel that can still be appreciated by hardcore horror fans (unlike the original Evil Dead, which was strictly horror and void of comedy). Evil Dead II is the kind of horror film with plenty of scares and plenty of laughs; the two are not mutually exclusive, but require just the right elements to pull off. Ash must deal with an immense amount of terror, and in the process shows he is cool and collected, laughing in the face of evil, warranting our appreciation as we watch the movie online and laugh alongside him.

Aesthetically, Evil Dead II is entirely a horror film, facing the viewer with suspense, terror, and gore. On the other hand, these suspenseful, terrifying, and gory aspects are dealt with in a humorous way much of the time (I recall a classic scene where Ash is slapped around by his possessed hand). All in all, Evil Dead II is the perfect choice for a fun yet satisfying horror experience that won’t keep you awake at night.